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By using our custom built 3G enabled digital taxi media screens across various towns and cities we can capture both out of town and local consumers throughout the day and night.

We are constantly developing and evolving our products and software to help our partners reach and interact with their consumers. We listen to our partners’ comments on how we can improve our offerings and services. Because we have our own team of software developers we can react and adapt to the constant changes your market place demands.

National taxi averages show:


National taxi averages show:

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We furnish you with your own log on details to our back office suite where you can then see live statistics such as number of screens your advert is playing on, estimate viewing figures, how many QR code scans (if QR codes are used) and number of profile views on our interactive mobile app.

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Creative expertise offers full campaign support

If you have no digital advert or struggle with your creativity, then do not worry as we can also offer the support of our Digicab Media creative team to design the perfect digital animated advertisement for your campaign.

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