Our bespoke software is constantly improved to enhance new hardware and innovations

The technology we use at Digicab Media is completely bespoke to us. Both our hardware and software have been built to our exacting specifications and because we have our own in house software development and manufacturing partners we can effortlessly tweak and improve our whole system and product range.

We combine the power of digital out of home advertising with social media networking sites and the popularity of mobile applications to bring you the most cost effective and accountable digital marketing campaigns.

Full control with our bespoke software

Our hardware runs our very own bespoke software management information system and mobile application. All interaction is measured and recorded, giving statistics that help the success of your campaign.

Plug in & play globally connected displays

Our network is controlled with 3G SIMS via our main server allowing us to log in remotely and upload and remove advertisements from anywhere in the world.

Our products:

We can supply fit and control many different types of digital media screens, from LCD to LED type products for use in shopping malls, sports stadiums, buses, trains, taxi cabs as well as offering large format outdoor screens, both mobile and static. We can also offer rental services on digital media vans and trailers. Click below to find out more.

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