Why Digicab Media?

Revenue generating digital advertising for passenger vehicles

Whether you are a taxi operator, bus operator or retailer, we can supply, install, train and support your business by fitting our bespoke digital media screens and software for you to take full control of.

We will also add you to our ever growing national database meaning any national advertisers can also tap in to your investment and you been rewarded accordingly.

Here's an example:


Here's an example:


Fitted & back on the road in half an hour

Our screens (mobile or static) can be fitted by our own technicians or full instructions given to your own preferred auto electrician/technician. The taxi down time for installation is around half hour per car on average.

We can also offer full support and training for your digital advert content and creation.

Technology is constantly kept up to date

We are constantly updating and improving our products and software with live updates running in the background on our apps. Adding new features to give our users a much better experience.

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Creative expertise offers full campaign support

We can also offer creative design work for new advertising campaigns, website design, logos, app builds, software development and much more. Feel free to drop us a line with your enquiries.

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